The Steps to Apply Concrete Sealer by Concrete Contractors Vancouver

Concrete Contractors Vancouver

Whenever you want to apply the concrete sealer, concrete contractors Vancouver is there for any support. Maybe you want to use the concrete sealer over your concrete, but you don’t know how you can do it. You may get the necessary information from the contractors.

Ways to Apply Concrete Sealer

There are so many things you should know for the perfect application of the concrete sealer. The thighs you have to take seriously are the time of sealing, number of coats, and time to dry. The function of the concrete sealers is to provide protection of your concrete from the weather and to resist water, oil, grease, stains, salts, etc. In addition, they also assist in representing the authentic look of the concrete. Besides, cleaning the concrete has become easier than earlier. But the essential condition is to seal them properly. You will have to be careful about each step as the entire process will ensure the beast sealing together.

The summary of sealing concrete is as follows:

  • To clean the concrete, remove any types of dust, dirt, water, oil, or grease from your concrete
  • If already there is any sealer on the concrete, strip it
  • Use a solution for etching to open up the concrete
  • Using a sprayer or roller, apply a thin layer of sealer
  • Give the first coat time to dry
  • Starting from the opposite direction, apply the second coat
  • To make the sealer work properly, let it dry before people or vehicles walk on it

The fundamental ways to apply concrete sealer are:

The Time to Seal Concrete

You will have to prepare earlier to seal your concrete as it is not a sudden process. The more you will work cautiously; the more durable your sealer will be. So, for the new concrete, you have to wait 28 days. Because you will have to cure your concrete first, if the concrete is still not dry, your sealer will be hazy or not correctly stick to the concrete. Also, you have to be careful about the weather. Of course, at sealing your concrete, the temperature should be more than 50°F. The exact temperature should exist for the next 24 hours.

Prepare Your Concrete Before Sealing

You have to prepare the concrete before sealing it properly. It is a crucial part of sealing. The place should be void of water, oil, grease, salt, adhesive, stain, dirt, etc. If anything is visible, remove it at once because these things will not allow the sealer to stick to the concrete properly. Also, an etching solution may be of great use in this case. You may use it to make the best sealing.

Applying Concrete Sealer 

You cannot apply a sealer with any brush. Of course, you have to take the assistance of any spray or roller to get the best thickness over your concrete. These are the two methods people follow to apply sealer. It may depend on the sealer, water-based or solvent-based. Also, keep in mind that the rate of the thickness of sealer in a gallon will be 250 to 300 square feet. It will depend on the density of the concrete porous.

Number Of Coats of Sealer On Your Concrete 

You should not give up after applying an angle coat of the sealer over your concrete. Instead, you should go for two thin layers. But wait at least two to four hours to apply the second coat of sealer. In addition, you will have to use it starting from the opposite directions.

Time To Dry 

Before using the sealed place, you have to give enough time to dry completely. Don’t let anyone or anything pass over it for at least three days. It is better if you can give it more time to dry.

Last Words

The top concrete contractors will even notice the trivial thing while they will seal your concrete. You want to ensure that your sealer’s durability and beautiful appearance is the best reason you have. Taking the suggestions from the expert will give you the best sealing!


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