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Reality Winner says she leaked file on Russia election hacking because ‘public was being lied to’ | Reality Winner

A former intelligence contractor who was imprisoned for leaking a report about Russian interference in the US presidential election that Donald Trump won in 2016 has insisted she acted out of love for a nation that was “being lied to”. “I am not a traitor – I am not a spy,” Reality Winner said in […]

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Web Technology

Confronting Reality in Cyberspace Foreign Policy for a Fragmented Internet

The global internet—a vast matrix of telecommunications, fiber optics, and satellite networks—is in large part a creation of the United States. The technologies that underpin the internet grew out of federal research projects, and U.S. companies innovated, commercialized, and globalized the technology. The internet’s basic structure—a reliance on the private sector and the technical community, […]

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