DHS inspector general tells Jan. 6 panel he went to Mayorkas about Secret Service cooperation

The inspector general, Joseph Cuffari, met with the committee behind closed doors two days after sending a letter to lawmakers informing them that the text messages were erased after the watchdog agency asked for records related to its electronic communications as part of its ongoing investigation around the Capitol attack. The committee had planned to […]

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Latest Technology

Patient monitoring using the latest technology display and panel systems

12-07-2022 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems The use of technology in patient monitoring systems has revolutionised the process. Healthcare providers can now closely monitor patients’ vital signs with touch screens, TFT displays and pc panels available from Display Technology Ltd. In today’s world, using efficient technology for the medical profession to access vital […]

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US News

Bannon initiates talks with January 6 panel on testifying over Capitol attack | US politics

Steve Bannon, the onetime strategist to Donald Trump who was involved in the former president’s efforts to invalidate his defeat in the 2020 election, has opened discussions with the House January 6 select committee about testifying to the inquiry into the Capitol attack. The offer of cooperation could mark a breakthrough for the panel, which […]

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