Albacete Hospital Will Have The Latest Technology To Become The Reference Health Center

The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, got to know for the first time the development of the works of the new Albacete hospital on this Monday, July 25. In addition, the Head of the Regional Executive took advantage of his presence in these facilities to visit the Radiology Service of the University Hospital campus of Albacete (CHUA).

During his visit, in addition to knowing the status of the expansion works of the Albacete Hospital, he witnessed the new CT in the capital, a biplane angiography and remote control of the radiology service of the Radiology Service.

Emiliano García-Page, President of Castilla-La Mancha, visits the functions of the Albacete Hospital

New CT and Spectral CT equipment to be added to Albacete Hospital

During his visit to the Albacete hospital, he showed the president of Castilla-La Mancha the planned spaces for the location of the new CT and Spectral CT equipment, which would soon be included.

Investing in the most advanced health technology makes it possible, on the one hand, to eliminate technological obsolescence of equipment whose useful life should not exceed ten years and, on the other hand, provides the greatest guarantees for detection and treatment. of increasingly prevalent diseases such as cancer or coronary disease.

Emiliano García-Page, President of Castilla-La Mancha, visits the functions of the Albacete Hospital

Page: “These are the works that Albacete has been waiting for a long time”

As such, the regional president recalled that “these are the works that Albacete had been waiting for a long time.” An intervention to which García-Page specified that “16 million euros have been invested in technology alone so that the Albacete hospital is one of the most modern in the entire country” from the board.

A hospital center that “will also be a regional and national reference”, both for its infrastructure and for having the most cutting-edge health technology, Emiliano García-Page outlined.

Albacete Hospital will have the latest technology to become the reference health center
Health Minister, Jesus Fernandez Sanju

Fernandez Sanz: “Albacete Hospital will be an example of health technology”

In relation to this technological investment, the Minister of Health, Jess Fernández Sanz, highlighted that the Albacete Hospital “will be an example of health technology”. As such he recalled that the community board has invested “about 16 million euros to leave the technology obsolete” in Albacete and bet on the “renewal of health technology”.

An investment thanks to which “Castilla-La Mancha ranks among the top three nationally”. A position that means “the most state-of-the-art technology with the aim of reducing waiting times for tests and having greater care efficiencies”.

In addition, Fernández Sanz indicated that works on the Albacete hospital are progressing at the expected pace, noting that “the new day hospital is 38% complete and the rest of the facilities are approximately 15% complete.”

Albacete Hospital will have the latest technology to become the reference health center
Mayor of Albacete, Emilio Cezu

Mayor of Albacete: “It will be a benchmark for hospitals”

For his part, the mayor of Albacete, Emilio Saz, thanked “the commitment of the regional government to our city”. In this way, it guarantees that the health investment that will materialize in new technology and new facilities at Albacete Hospital “will directly benefit more than half a million people.”

As such he assumed that Albacete would be “a benchmark hospital”. In addition, the mayor of the capital recalled that “a monitoring table has been set up so that there are no bureaucratic hurdles and deadlines are met”, in connection with this expected intervention in health matters in the capital of Albacete.

García-Page was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Jess Fernández Sanz, on a visit to the Albacete hospital; Mayor of Albacete, Emilio Saz; and the President of the Albacete Provincial Council, Santiago Cabanero; and the representative of the board in Albacete, Pedro Antonio Ruiz Santos.

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