Day: July 16, 2022

US News

Federal judge supports seizure of John Eastman’s cell phone for January 6 inquiry | US justice system

The US Justice Department was justified when it seized the cell phone of John Eastman, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, a federal judge in New Mexico ruled on Friday. In its investigation into a scheme by the ex-president and his lawyers to overturn the 2020 election using “fake electors”, the justice department took Eastman’s […]

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DHS inspector general tells Jan. 6 panel he went to Mayorkas about Secret Service cooperation

The inspector general, Joseph Cuffari, met with the committee behind closed doors two days after sending a letter to lawmakers informing them that the text messages were erased after the watchdog agency asked for records related to its electronic communications as part of its ongoing investigation around the Capitol attack. The committee had planned to […]

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Latest Technology

The latest technology advancements and their advantages in the HRMS world

The latest technology advancements and their advantages in the HRMS world By Mr Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder & CEO, Keka Becoming an indispensable part of our lives, technology has taken a front seat in the world. All industries today are witnessing the value technology holds; so much that nothing remains untouched by it. Be it a […]

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Web Technology

This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through July 16)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Meet Plato, an AI That Gains Intuition Like a Human BabyMonisha Ravisetti | CNET“In collaboration with AI research laboratory DeepMind in the UK, this team developed an artificial intelligence system that learned ‘intuitive physics,’ that is, commonsense understanding of how our universe’s mechanics work, just like a human baby. ‘Current artificial intelligence systems […]

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