Day: July 12, 2022

US News

Villanova University is removed from U.S. News’ Best Value list after reporting data error

Villanova University was knocked off of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Value ranking after the school reported it had supplied incorrect information. The university initially reported the average 2021 need-based grant it awarded to students as $51,739; the correct amount is $40,323. The grant is used in three ranking indicators that account for 80% […]

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr subpoenaed in Dominion 2020 election lawsuit

Former Attorney General William Barr has been subpoenaed as part of an ongoing 2020 election defamation lawsuit against Fox News brought by voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems, according to the court docket in the case. Dominion filed to subpoena Donald Trump’s former AG last week, according to the docket — the latest sign that […]

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Latest Technology

Patient monitoring using the latest technology display and panel systems

12-07-2022 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems The use of technology in patient monitoring systems has revolutionised the process. Healthcare providers can now closely monitor patients’ vital signs with touch screens, TFT displays and pc panels available from Display Technology Ltd. In today’s world, using efficient technology for the medical profession to access vital […]

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Web Technology

Confronting Reality in Cyberspace Foreign Policy for a Fragmented Internet

The global internet—a vast matrix of telecommunications, fiber optics, and satellite networks—is in large part a creation of the United States. The technologies that underpin the internet grew out of federal research projects, and U.S. companies innovated, commercialized, and globalized the technology. The internet’s basic structure—a reliance on the private sector and the technical community, […]

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